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Beginning Sexual Addiction Recovery Most sex addicts are unwilling to admit that they are a sex addict and refuse to begin sexual addiction recovery. Just like anyone, they too like to think that they are different from other sex addicts. It is not surprising that most men that struggle with sexual addiction have histories of […]

Powerful Habits Can Be Changed Every day, every human being, performs routine behaviors that our brains have wired as Powerful Habits. Habits are rituals and behaviors that we accomplish automatically. These are activities that we do without giving much effort or thought such as brushing our teeth, using a spoon or fork to eat, getting […]

Steps To Change Unhealthy Relationship Dance In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), the first step for couples to change unhealthy relationship dance is to see it and own it. Susan Johnson writes, “You have to see the how of the dance between you and your partner and what it says about the relationship, not simply […]

The Protest Polka Dance Relationships can become caught into an unhealthy “dance” with each partner responding to the other partner’s negativity with negativity. Each negative move calling forth and reinforcing the next. One partner may reach out, albeit in a harmful way, and the other partner withdrawing. When one partner withdraws, the other becomes more […]

Demon Dialogue Interactions Anyone who has been married for many years can testify that the spouse is the person that can bring the most joy and can also bring the most frustration. Often the switch can come with the rolling of eyes, sarcastic remark, or an insensitive response. If the partners have a strong connection, […]

Do You Show Sexual Addiction Symptoms? Often men will come into their first counseling session questioning whether they have a sexual addiction or simply struggling with issues that every man struggles with. They will ask me, “Do I have a sexual addiction problem?” They are wanting to know sexual addiction symptoms and whether their behaviors […]

Hold Me Tight Marriage Conversation In Sue Johnson’s book, Hold Me Tight, the first three of her seven conversations reduce tension in the relationship and prepares a couple for the fourth conversation, fittingly named after her book, “Hold Me Tight.” This dialogue builds and strengthens the bond between the couple and begins to transform the relationship. […]

Demon Dialogues Marriage Killer In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), Dr. Sue Johnson uses the term, “Demon Dialogues,” to describe the destructive cycles of conflict that many couples experience in their failing marriage. The first step in EFCT is to help a couple identify the damaging dance that they regularly have, when they have it, […]

Emotional Responsiveness In Marriages In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, there are seven conversations with a goal of encouraging “a special kind of emotional responsiveness” that strengthens a couples’ love. Couples in distress are not experiencing these three aspects of emotional connection. The emotional response contains three main parts: A.R.E. (Accessibility, Responsiveness, & Engagement): 1) Accessibility: […]

Increasing Marital Fondness And Admiration Every married couple has had past positive feelings for their spouse and those feelings can be exhumed simply by thinking and talking about them. Increasing marital positive feelings isn’t difficult. You can do this by thinking about your wife or husband and his/her positive qualities. The more you focus on […]

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