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Depression Assessment Questionnaire

Are you struggling with depression?

Everyone can feel depressed and sad. But, how do you know if your depression is a real concern? This questionnaire will help you assess your depressive mood and determine whether or not depression is a problem for you. Please read through each statement, click on the true or false answer, and click next for the next question. Your responses should be based on your current mood.

Take a few moments to complete this confidential, free, no-obligation depression questionnaire (25 Questions / 5 Questions per page).


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1. I have difficulty making decisions.
2. I have felt tired or have had little energy.
3. I feel sad, blue, and unhappy.
4. I have had little interest or pleasure in doing the things I usually enjoy.
5. The pleasure and joy has gone out of my life.
6. It takes great effort for me to do simple things.
7. I have felt down, depressed or hopeless.
8. My life is not worth living anymore.
9. I feel like a failure.
10. I have had trouble falling or staying asleep, or I have been sleeping too much.
11. I’m getting too much, too little or not enough restful sleep.
12. I have had a poor appetite or have been eating more than usual.
13. I have been moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed. Or the opposite I have been fidgety and moving around a lot more than usual.
14. I feel depressed even when good things happen to me.
15. My sex drive become seriously diminished.
16. I feel trapped or caught.
17.  I have had trouble concentrating on things, like reading the newspaper or watching TV.
18.  I feel that I am a guilty person who deserves to be punished.
19. Without trying to diet, I have lost or gained weight.
20. I have felt bad about myself or felt like I am a failure or that I have let myself or my family down.
21.  I have had thoughts that I would be better off dead or that I should hurt myself in some way.
22. I have lost my desire in aspects of my life that used to be important to me.
23.  I am agitated and keep moving around.
24. My job, relationships, and/or other responsibilities are being negatively affected by my depressed moods.
25. Do you believe that you are suffering from depression?

Disclaimer: I understand that this assessment is for informational purposes only and cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a clinical professional; the assessment should only be used as a guide to understanding your depression and the potential need to see a professional.

Thank you for completing our Depression Assessment Questionnaire.

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