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Relationship Counseling Denver LittletonFalling in love is the easy part. The more difficult part of a relationship is the staying in love for the rest of your life. At Front Range Counseling Center, we provide marriage counseling, relationship therapy, restoring marriages devastated by infidelity, and premarital counseling for couples planning to live the rest of their lives together. The range of marital problems can be minor to a very serious crises such as betrayal and infidelity. If you are currently facing unmanageable problems in your marriage, if you are feeling hopeless that things will get better on their own, or if you are experiencing unfaithfulness due to an affair or sexual addiction, you may need professional marriage counseling to help address the root problem and restore the love and friendship that you once had in the relationship. Our relationship therapists can help!

We have created this marriage blog to give you hope that your marriage relationship can be saved with the commitment to work on it. Even if your spouse doesn’t want to work on the marriage, you can still work on yourself to become a healthier person and more loving spouse. Divorce is a destructive process to you and your family, no matter how attractive it might currently seem to you or your spouse. You must do everything you can to save your marriage. Working on your marriage is not easy but can be very rewarding and a great blessing! Please feel free to leave and comment after reading the articles in this blog. Also, if you live in the Denver or Littleton area and you need marriage counseling, please contact us at 303-933-5800 or fill out our contact form to request a marriage counselor contact you within 24-hours.

Trusting Emotions Within Relationship Emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT) doesn’t make couples more emotional but rather enables partners to be more effective with their emotions within the relationship. Emotionally Focused Couples therapists ask partners to trust their emotions and tune into their emotional experience rather than focusing only on surface content.

Couples Achieving Lasting Love For achieving lasting love in marriage or relationships, both partners need to tune into each other’s deepest needs and longings. Both partners will also need to communicate those needs and longings into understandable signals that allows the other to respond. Then, each partner accepts the other partner’s love and support rather […]

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is an empirically validated, evidence-based model and it is based mostly on the enormous body of attachment research and the continuously growing neuroscience research in emotions, processing, and more. EFT therapist do not simply offer cognitive, behavioral options but rather requires the EFT therapist to come […]

Longing For Connection In The Relationship Attachment theory asserts that everyone has been created with a deep longing for connection with someone that will keep them safe and be there when they need them. This longing is ingrained into us from birth and keeps each of us desiring for closeness. Parents can see this need […]

Keeping Relationship Love On Fire Many couples that find healing and restoration in marriage counseling but have fear that they will fall back into old unhealthy patterns after they stop the counseling. It’s very true that if the couple doesn’t actively care for their relationship, the positive progress they fought for will diminish. Conversation 7 […]

Marriage Forgiveness In a couples counseling session for marriage forgiveness, I ask the injuring partner to stay emotionally present and acknowledge the wounded partner’s pain. Also to own his or her part in the injury. When injured partners see that this pain has been recognized by the injuring spouse, he or she can then begin the […]

Forgiving Relationship Wounds & Trauma C.S. Lewis wrote, “Everyone says that forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something (or someone) to forgive.” Couples that begin counseling for marital issues often have a focus on what they both perceive as a lack of communication, inability to work through conflict, or other relationship issues that […]

Relationship Destructive Dance Begins In the first marriage counseling session, couples begin by sharing with me the reasons for seeking relationship therapy. Often, one partner feels misunderstood and desires a deeper connection. The other partner may share that his or her partner is too controlling and that he/she believes that no matter what he/she does, […]

Learning To Cherish Your Partner Research shows that a component of happy couples is how often they think positively about their partner when apart. These happy thoughts may reflect with pride on his or her many wonderful traits and feel thankful to be in relationship to him or her. Gottman’s marriage counseling research found that […]

Steps To Change Unhealthy Relationship Dance In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), the first step for couples to change unhealthy relationship dance is to see it and own it. Susan Johnson writes, “You have to see the how of the dance between you and your partner and what it says about the relationship, not simply […]

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